The Aesthetics Research Centre coordinates, enables and promotes research in philosophy of art and aesthetics at the University of Kent. ARC brings together faculty and postgraduate students from four different departments and three different schools and is characterised by a strong interdisciplinary ethos.

Spring 2023

23rd-24th March 2023 | International conference
University of Kent; Darwin Conference Suite

The Kent Aesthetics Research Centre are pleased to announce an upcoming conference on the aesthetics of psychedelics.
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29th Mar 2023
Aesthetic Properties: Heterogenous, Historical and Hard to Explain.
Sonia Sedivy, University of Toronto
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Prof. Murray Smith’s latest book Film, Art, and the Third Culture has been translated into Italian by Kent graduate Angelo Cioffi.
Cinema, evoluzione, neuroscienze: Un’estetica naturalizzata del film


Links to each session can be requested by contacting ARC directors;
m.s.smith@kent.ac.uk | d.declercq-324@kent.ac.uk

22nd Feb 2023
Collingwood, “Political Art”, and the Political Value of Art
David Collins, University of Oxford

25th Jan 2023
What’s Getting Us Through: Grazia UK as Affective Intimate Public During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Rosie Findlay, University of Kent

17th Nov 2022
Pedestrian at Best: the Politics, Philosophy, & Aesthetics of Walking When Poor, 
Kathrine Cuccuru, University of Sussex

7th May 2022
BSA Symposium on Revaluing the Life Model in Art Practice
More information here

10 June 2021
Book Symposium on Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight: A Philosophical Exploration, edited by Hans Maes (University of Kent) and Katrien Schaubroeck (University of Antwerp).
Symposium programme here

12 May 2021
‘The Reality of Aesthetic Injustice.’
Daisy Dixon, University of Cambridge.
Abstract here

23 March 2021
ARC Book Symposium: Dieter Declercq’s Satire, Comedy and Mental Health
More info and recordings here.

10 February 2021
‘The Paradox of Football’ – Presentation by Murray Smith
A Kent Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar. More info here

9 February 2021
Aesthetics Research Centre Postgraduate Work in Progress Seminar
Presentations by Claire Anscomb and Dr. David Brown

Thursday 28 May 2020
Associate Professor Jason Leddington (Bucknell University)
“Savouring the Impossible”
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28–29 February 2020
British Society for Aesthetics Postgraduate Conference. Beyond Human: Aesthetics of Nature and Technology
Keynotes: Glenn Parsons, Katja Kwastek.
Info here

7–9 February 2020,
British Society for Aesthetics Conference: Art, Aesthetics and the Medical and Health Humanities.
Keynotes: Rita Charon, Paul Crawford, Sheila Lintott, Jenefer Robinson.
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Prof Murray Smith (Film, University of Kent)

Associate Director

Dr Hans Maes (History and Philosophy of Art, University of Kent)

Early Career Lead

Dr Aurélie Debaene (History and Philosophy of Art, Kent)

Advisory Committee

Professor David Davies (McGill, Canada)
Professor Matthew Kieran (University of Leeds, UK)
Professor Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland, USA)
Professor Paisley Livingston (Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China)
Professor Jennifer McMahon (University of Adelaide, Australia)
Professor Alex Neill (Southampton University, UK)
Professor Elisabeth Schellekens (University of Uppsala)


George Turner: georgejt [at] hotmail.co.uk


Dr Graeme A. Forbes (Philosophy, University of Kent)

Dr Jonathan Friday (History and Philosophy of Art, University of Kent)

Dr Edward Kanterian (Philosophy, University of Kent)

Prof Simon Kirchin (Philosophy, University of Kent)

Dr Hans Maes (History and Philosophy of Art, University of Kent)

Dr Shaun May (Drama, Theatre and Media, University of Kent)

Dr Lubomira Radoilska (Philosophy, University of Kent)

Dr Margrethe Bruun Vaage (Film, University of Kent)

Dr Freya Vass-Rhee (Drama, University of Kent)

Dr Sean Williams (School of Music and Fine Arts, Audio Electronics, University of Kent)


Associate Members

Dr Claire Anscomb (De Momfort University)

Dr David Brown (Film, School of Arts, Kent)

Dr Kathrine Cuccuru (University of Sussex)

Dr Eleen M. Deprez (Curator Studio 3 Gallery, School of Arts, Kent)

Dr Alice C Helliwell (New College of the Humanities)

Luca Marchetti (PhD candidate University of Milan)

Dr Neil McCarthy

Dr Shelby Moser (University of Utah)

Dr Michael Newall (History and Philosophy of Art, School of Arts, Kent)

Dr Mark Windsor (History and Philosophy of Art, University of Kent)



Postgraduate Members

Alba Jato Bravo (PhD Candidate History and Philosophy of Art, School of Arts)

Michael Clark (PhD Candidate Film, School of Arts)

Marta Colombo (PhD Candidate History and Philosophy of Art, School of Arts)

Rowan Guyver (PhD Candidate Film, School of Arts)

Fen Newman (PhD Candidate History and Philosophy of Art, School of Arts)

George Turner (MSt in Film Aesthetics, University of Oxford)

Peter Windle (PhD Candidate History and Philosophy of Art, School of Arts)

C. A. York (PhD Candidate History and Philosophy of Art, School of Arts)




Talks & Conferences

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