Programme – BSA 8th Postgraduate Conference – ‘Aesthetics & The Body’

Day 1 – Friday 26th of May 2023

9.30-11.00Keynote 1
with Sophie Grace Chappell
11.00-11.15Coffee Break
11.15-11.45Of Pageants and Polity: Constructing bodies and national identities
with Arpita Biswas
11.45-12.15The Role of Empathy in Narrative Engagement
with Shinnosuke Okada
12.15-12.45Embodied Interaction and Interpersonal Aesthetic Experiences
with Harry Drummond
12.45-13.45Lunch Break
13.45-14.15Intention, Knowledge, and Embodied Action in Schneider’s Photographic Performance
with Ben Campion
14.15-14.45A Critique of the Pandemic Body
with Edgar Hirschmann
14.45-15.15Prospects of a Progressive Critique of Rap: The Challenge of Oppressive Double Binds
with Tareeq Jalloh
15.15-15.30Coffee Break
15.30-16.00(Dis)Interestedness and Judging the Adorned Body: Rescuing Fashion from Kantian Aesthetic Devaluation
with Liam Barer
16.00-16.30Why is Beauty Activity Problematic from a Feminist Perspective?
with Urja Lakhani

Day 2 – Saturday 27th of May 2023

9.30-11.00Keynote 2
with Anne O Noomis
11.00-111.15Coffee Break
11.15-11.45Dam(n)med Bodies: Disorderly Subjectivity and
Sublime Experience in the Narmada Movement

with Tanay Gandhi
11.45-12.15Immersive Museums’ Images as Nancean Bodies: Rethinking Aesthetic Immersion Topologically
with Giulia Rainoldi
12.15-12.45The Burden of Female Beauty in Contemporary Vampire Novels
with Alba Picado
12.45-13.45Lunch Break
13.45-14.15The Subjectivity of the Musical Performer: Early
Recordings and the Ontological View on Authenticity

with Jonathan Fremout
14.15-14.45Experiencing Beauty Though Bio-robotic Body.
How Transformative Technology Affect Our Aesthetic Perception?

with Doroteya Belcheva
14.45-15.00Coffee Break
15.00-16.30Keynote 3
with Sherri Irvin