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Aesthetic Properties: Heterogenous, Historical and Hard to Explain22nd Feb 2023 Sonia Sedivy, University of Toronto Aesthetic properties are pervasive in our lives …2023/03/0720232023-03-07 15:47:30
Collingwood, “Political Art”, and the Political Value of Art22nd Feb 2023 David Collins, University of Oxford Over the past decade it has become increasingly …2023/03/0720232023-03-07 15:43:58
The Aesthetics of Psychedelics23rd-24th March 2023 | International conferenceUniversity of Kent; Darwin Conference Suite Conference programme here In …2023/03/0220232023-03-02 14:50:51
Rosie Findlay – What’s Getting Us Through: Grazia UK as Affective Intimate Public During the Coronavirus Pandemic25th January 2023, 16:00 – Jarman Studio 5, Hybrid format (in-person and online) Rosie Findlay …2022/11/1120222022-11-11 16:22:16
Kathrine Cuccuru – Pedestrian at Best: the Politics, Philosophy, & Aesthetics of Walking When Poor17th November 2022, 17:00 – Jarman Studio 5, Hybrid format (in-person and online) Kathrine Cuccuru …2022/11/1120222022-11-11 16:16:02
Call for Abstracts – The BSA Workshop on the Aesthetics of Public Art (WAPA)10-11th November 2022, King’s College London – Hybrid format (in-person and online) Conference website here …2022/08/1720222022-08-17 16:19:08
Television Aesthetics: Now What? | A British Society of Aesthetics conferenceThursday 7 – Friday 8 July 2022 Conference website: The Aesthetics Research Centre at …2022/05/2320222022-05-23 13:43:01
BSA Symposium on Revaluing the Life Model in Art PracticeThursday 7th May The BSA Symposium on Revaluing the Life Model in Art Practice is a one-day …2022/04/0520222022-04-05 19:59:10
Research Seminar: ‘The Reality of Aesthetic Injustice’ by Daisy Dixon (University of Cambridge)Wednesday 12th May AbstractIn this talk I will examine the phenomenon which philosophers arebeginning to …2021/05/0720212021-05-07 14:02:42
Book Symposium – Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight: A Philosophical Exploration, edited by Hans Maes (University of Kent) and Katrien Schaubroeck (University of Antwerp).Thursday 10th June 14:00-18:00 BST. Book Symposium on Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight: A …2021/04/1220212021-04-12 10:25:47
Claire Anscomb awarded John Fisher Memorial Prize 2021 by American Society for AestheticsThe Aesthetics Research Centre is excited to announce that associate member and Kent alumna Dr. Claire …2021/03/15Uncategorized2021-03-15 10:42:49
Book Symposium: Satire, Comedy and Mental Health by Dieter DeclercqTuesday 23rd March 17:00-19:00 GMT Book Symposium on Satire, Comedy and Mental Health by Dieter Declercq. With:Heike …2021/03/0420212021-03-04 11:23:40
Kathrine Cuccuru – From The Hypsous to The Bathous: The Problem of the False Sublime in Early Eighteenth-Century EnglandWednesday 3rd March 15:00 GMTDr. Kathrine Cuccuru (Associate Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of …2021/02/0520212021-02-05 14:16:37
Murray Smith – The Paradox of FootballWednesday 10th February 15:00 GMT Murray Smith (Professor of Film, University of Kent; ARC Director) …2021/02/0420212021-02-04 12:57:46
Jason Leddington – Savouring the ImpossibleThursday 28th May 5-7pm BST Jason Leddington (Philosophy, Bucknell; Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at ​The Centre for Philosophical …2020/05/2820202020-05-28 14:18:00
Murray Smith – Remain in Light: Philosophical Naturalism, Aesthetic Value and, Cultural CrosstalkThursday 12th March, 5pm Daphne Mayo Public LectureThe University of Queensland, Australia Enquiries: Professor Murray …2020/03/1220202020-03-12 14:12:00
James Shelley – What’s the difference between still pictures and motion pictures?Thursday 20th February 2020, 5pm-7pm in Keynes Seminar Room 17 (KS17), University of Kent According to …2020/02/2020202020-02-20 13:29:00
Nathan Wildman – A Moral Argument for Video GamesNathan Wildman, Tilburg University Wednesday 22nd January 2020, 5pm in Darwin Lecture Theatre 2 (DLT2), …2020/02/1420202020-02-14 14:22:38
Jonathan Friday – The Stillness of Pictures and the Representation of MovementDr Jonathan Friday (University of Kent) Monday 13th May 2019, 5pm-7pm in Keynes Seminar Room 4, University …2019/05/1320192019-05-13 11:27:40
Elisa Caldarola – Exhibitions and Museums: When are They Art?Wednesday 3rd April 2019, 5pm – 7pm Exhibitions and Museums: When are They Art?   …2019/01/2320192019-01-23 23:57:38
Nils-Hennes Stear – Is Aesthetic Immoralism Obviously True?Wednesday 13th March 2019,  5pm – 7pm Three dominant theories explain how ethical properties determine …2019/01/2320192019-01-23 23:55:56
Reading group “Black Reconstruction in Aesthetics” – Paul C Taylor2019/01/2320192019-01-23 23:52:58
Martin Hammer – The Silent Kingdom of PaintProfessor Martin Hammer (Professor of History & Philosophy of Art, School of Arts) “The Silent Kingdom of …2018/11/2520182018-11-25 18:49:56
Sonia Sedivy – Aesthetic Properties, History and PerceptionProfessor Sonia Sedivy (Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto) Aesthetic Properties, History and Perception Monday …2018/11/2520182018-11-25 18:45:43
Julian Hanich – Why Film Studies Needs More Fine-Grained Emotion Terms Why Film Studies Needs More Fine-Grained Emotion Terms …and Why Phenomenology Might Help Dr Julian Hanich …2018/09/292018, Archive2018-09-29 17:03:04
Catharine Abell – The Norms of Realism and the Case of Non-Traditional CastingThe Norms of Realism and the Case of Non-Traditional Casting Dr Catharine Abell (University of …2018/09/2920182018-09-29 17:01:37
Dan Cavedon-Taylor – The Causal Theory of Photography and Anti-Empiricist EvaluationsTuesday 13th February 2018, at 6pm in Keynes Seminar Room 11, University of Kent According …2018/02/142018, 20182018-02-14 13:52:52
Maks del Mar: The Role and Value of the Imagination in Legal ThoughtThe Aesthetics Research Centre (ARC) invite you to a Research Seminar with: Dr Maks del …2017/10/1920172017-10-19 09:37:10
Elisabeth Schellekens: On Sensible and Intelligible BeautyKeynote by Professor Elisabeth Schellekens at Interact – British Society for Aesthetics Postgraduate Conference, 7-8 …2017/09/1820152017-09-18 16:47:30
Dominic McIver Lopes: Aesthetic Experts, Guides to ValueAesthetic Experts, Guides to Value Keynote by Dominic McIver Lopes at Interact (British Society for …2017/09/1820152017-09-18 16:46:10
Interact: BSA PG ConferenceSESSION 1 ‘Affective Representation of Aesthetic Properties — Kris Goffin, Ghent University The Role of …2017/09/1820152017-09-18 16:44:33
De Gustibus: Arguing about Taste with Peter Kivy  Speakers: •    Professor Peter Kivy (Rutgers) 
  •    Professor Emily Brady (Edinburgh)
  •    Assoc. …2017/09/182016, Uncategorized2017-09-18 16:34:53
Aesthetics TodayMarking the 10th anniversary of the Aesthetics Research Centre (ARC) at the University of Kent, …2017/06/0620172017-06-06 14:38:01
Stacie Friend: Truth in Criticism2017/02/022017, 2017, Event2017-02-02 16:38:20
Jesse Prinz: Art and Wonder2017/02/022017, Event2017-02-02 16:37:29
Art, Aesthetics and Beyond: 3rd BSA PG ConferenceFRIDAY 27th JANUARY 2017 10:00 – 10:40 Kentaro Tanabe, Ritsumeikan (Japan) Diana Raffman on Nuance …2017/02/022017, 2017, Event2017-02-02 16:27:42
Anne Eaton – Propaganda, Pornography, Pictures, and PersuasionMonday 12th: Propaganda, Pornography, Pictures, and Persuasion It is a curious fact about the philosophical literatures …2016/12/1520162016-12-15 02:08:27
Just A Game? The Aesthetics and Ethics of Video GamesKendall Walton Katherine Thomson-Jones Kendall Walton Aaron Meskin Mari Mikkola Shelby Moser Stephanie Patridge   …2016/06/2420162016-06-24 21:43:37
Matters of Fact and FictionA one-day symposium on the work of Stacie Friend 1.30pm – 2.30pm: Comments by Margrethe …2016/05/2320142016-05-23 16:24:44
Jenefer Robinson – Empathy through/with/for Music  Jenefer Robinson teaches and writes on topics in aesthetics and philosophical psychology, especially the …2016/05/1820162016-05-18 12:57:29
Richard Allen – The Passion of Christ and the Melodramatic ImaginationCFMR and ARC research seminar:  Professor Richard Allen, Dean, School of Creative Media, City University, …2016/03/2120162016-03-21 16:04:21
Confined ProjectionsConfined Projections is a curatorial design project by Eleen Deprez, postgraduate research student in History …2016/03/1520162016-03-15 18:02:32
Andrew Huddleston – Why I Am Not an IntentionalistWhy I Am Not an Intentionalist Dr Andrew Huddleston, Birkbeck, University of London Wednesday 9th March, …2016/03/0720162016-03-07 09:13:37
Symposium on Cinema, Embodiment, and the Aesthetics of PornographyThursday 3rd March 2016, 9:30am – 4pm, Darwin Lecture Theatre 3, University of Kent This one-day …2016/02/1920162016-02-19 18:23:30
Berys Gaut – The Value of CreativityWednesday 24th February, 5pm – 7pm, Grimond Lecture Theatre 2 (GLT2), University of Kent  The Value …2016/02/192016, Event2016-02-19 18:19:22
Julian Hanich: I, You and We  Ideas for a Phenomenology of the Collective Cinema Experience Isn’t watching a film with …2016/01/1820162016-01-18 19:00:20
Dominic Topp – Nouveau cinéma: from fragmentation to unity, or What Cahiers du cinéma did next…Wednesday 9th December, 5pm – 7pm. in GLT3 Dr Dominic Topp, School of Arts, University of …2016/01/182015, Uncategorized2016-01-18 18:58:16
Sarah Cardwell: research seminar  Monday 26th October, 5pm – 7pm. in KS14 ‘Framing television: the dramatic implications of aspect …2015/10/032015, Event2015-10-03 09:46:47
Chris Solomon: The Face of BeautyOct 21 2015, 4-6pm, GLT32015/10/032015, Event2015-10-03 09:46:05
Diarmuid Costello: “Standard Philosophy of Photography: Tracing the Roots of the Orthodox Paradigm”Oct 6, 6-8pm, KLT2   My research draws on both analytic and continental approaches to aesthetics …2015/10/032015, Event2015-10-03 09:45:01
Ted Nannicelli: Making Do With AgencyAgency, Authorship and the Appreciation of Television Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, University of …2015/06/2420152015-06-24 12:31:18
Aaron Meskin: Authenticity in the Hybrid and Digital Arts's, Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:56:39
Jennifer McMahon: Aesthetic Autonomy, the Expression of Freedom (a Pragmatist Reading of Adorno)Your browser does not support the audio element.2015/06/22Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:56:02
Jerrold Levinson: Defending Hypothetical Intentionalism excerpt – 19m 28s2015/06/22Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:42:58
Andrew Kania: The Death of the Narrator: Fiction and Narrative in Literature and Film<source type="audio/mpeg" src="https://www important″ /> 1hr 33 secs2015/06/22Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:42:02
Noël Carroll: The Problem with Movie StarsIntroduction by Murray Smith This paper is published in Scott Walden (ed.), Photography and …2015/06/22Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:41:10
Howard Caygill: Sun Pictures – Photography And The Astronomic Image 17:40:14
Aaron Meskin: Kinds of Multiples 17:39:32
Cynthia Freeland: Why Some Art Should Be Censored 17:38:47
Roger Scruton: Confessions of a reluctant Francophile 17:38:01
James Hamilton: What does cognitive science tell us about how to appreciate the performing arts? 17:36:45
Janet Sayers: Psychoanalytic Aesthetics: Two-way traffic and the Case of Adrian Stokes and Melanie Klein. 17:35:48
Rafael De Clercq: The Metaphysics of Art Restoration  2015/06/22Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:33:38
Tom Stern: Illusions at the Theatre  2015/06/22Uncategorized2015-06-22 17:32:29
Mitchell Green “Learning from Metaphors” 17:28:40
Martin Hammer: Eavesdropping on Artists: Quentin de la Tour meets Quentin Tarantino 17:24:15
16-18 June: Aesthetics, Art, and PornographyAn interdisciplinary conference  16-18 June 2011 Institute of Philosophy, London This conference will bring together …2015/06/222011, Archive2015-06-22 12:10:11
Beyond Art: A symposium on the work of Dominic Lopes      This one-day symposium focuses on Dominic McIver Lopes’s forthcoming book, Beyond Art. Dominic …2015/06/222012, Archive2015-06-22 11:56:52
KePCA, Kent Postgraduate Conference in Aesthetics  The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for postgraduate students and …2015/06/222014, Archive2015-06-22 11:52:06
Colloquium: Fiction, photography and philosophyA colloquium on philosophical reflections of the relation between fiction and photography apropos of the …2015/06/222014, Archive2015-06-22 11:48:16
10 June: Film Criticism in Arts magazine (1952-1966).Godard, Rivette, Rohmer and Truffaut away from Bazin’s paradoxes at ICA Studio, Institute of Contemporary Arts …2015/06/222014, Archive2015-06-22 11:42:06
11 April: Martin SeelVisiting expert Illusion and Immersion in Cinema My talk will discuss the relations between four …2015/06/222014, Archive2015-06-22 11:31:21
19 June: While We’re Waiting for Kick Off: The Aesthetics of FootballProgramme 09.00- 10.00: Graham McFee, University of Brighton/California State University, Fullerton — The Not-So-Beautiful Game …2015/06/0320142015-06-03 14:31:24
A Symposium on VillainsUniversity of Kent, 21. May 2015, Grimond lecture theatre 2 Little has been said about …2015/06/0320152015-06-03 14:28:20
Anne Eaton – A Lady on the Street But a Freak in the BedOn the Distinction Between Erotic Art and Pornography  2015/06/0320152015-06-03 14:07:27
Kendall Walton and The Aesthetics of Photography and Filmvideos of all lectures   2015/06/032000's2015-06-03 13:52:28
Jerrold Levinson: Key Concepts in AestheticsAudio – Jerrold Levinson – ‘The Aesthetic’ (mp3 – 1hr 36s)Audio – Jerrold Levinson – ‘Beauty’ (mp3 – 1hr …2015/06/032000's2015-06-03 13:46:20
Art, Aesthetics and the Sexual21 May 2009 Cain Todd (University of Lancaster): ‘Imagination, Fantasy, and Sexual Desire: the aesthetic and …2015/06/032000's2015-06-03 13:42:09
7-8 February 2015: Interact!‘INTERACT! British Society of Aesthetics Postgraduate Conference’ was a two-day event where postgraduates were able to …2015/06/032015, Archive2015-06-03 09:33:17
26 – 27 June: Aesthetics, Normativity, and Reason26th June – 27th June 2015 Sophie-Grace Chappell (r), Sara Janssen (l) Graeme A Forbes …2015/05/252015, Event2015-05-25 13:50:40
Under ConstructionThe Aesthetics Research Centre coordinates, enables and promotes research in philosophy of art and aesthetics at the …2015/05/22Uncategorized2015-05-22 13:39:08
Shunga & PhilosophyThe Sackler Rooms, British Museum 10am-5pm Free admission, limited seating In early modern Japan, thousands …2014/12/192013, Archive2014-12-19 09:26:27